El Paso, Texas – January 9, 2019 – Frank J. Dominguez, President and CEO of El Paso Health, the only locally operated non-profit health maintenance organization (HMO), has been appointed Chairman of the Board of the Texas Association of Community Health Plans (TACHP). As 2018 Vice-Chair, Dominguez assisted in directing a membership of 12 Texas-based companies that collectively serve over 2 million Texans and who are committed to supporting and improving the health needs of people living at low to moderate incomes. In his new role, he will continue to promote the advantages of locally established health plans in member and provider satisfaction, to maintain connection to community resources important for low-income populations, and to improve the quality of healthcare.

“Frank will step in as TACHP chair with the unanimous support of the community health plans in Texas. He is passionate about his work on behalf of Texans needing healthcare and is also a successful businessman known for his savvy with running an efficient and quality operation,” said Kay Ghahremani, President and CEO of Texas Association of Community Health Plans. “Frank’s combination of heart and innovation has caught the eye of Texas policymakers. TACHP is fortunate that Frank has agreed to take on this important role.”

“We are proud of the work that Frank does at the state level. We look forward to watching him continue to help Texans improve their health in this new role with TACHP,” said Steve DeGroat, Board Chairman of El Paso Health.

“Frank is the ideal leader to assume this tremendous responsibility,” said Jacob Cintron, President and CEO, University Medical Center of El Paso. “He has proven time and again that his expertise is essential to the success of our health plans. It gives all of us in El Paso a real sense of pride that his expertise will now benefit the rest of our state.”

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About El Paso Health
El Paso Health is a local, private, non-profit organization. It is a Texas-licensed health maintenance organization (HMO) established by the El Paso County Hospital District to enter into a contract with the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) for the purpose of improving access to medical care for STAR and CHIP members in El Paso and Hudspeth Counties.

Medicaid is working for Texas families

With a poverty rate of 48.8%, Fabens is the poorest town in Texas and it’s the only town where more than half of households live on less than $25,000 a year. Fabens is home to closely 10,000 men, women and children, of which 80% receive their health coverage through Medicaid.
In 2010, one of the last Kellogg Community Partnership (school based) Clinics in the El Paso area closed its doors. Without that nearby clinic, impoverished Fabens families had limited access to health care. Without a single bus line servicing Fabens, residents found traveling to access health care was grueling.

In 2012, I established the only private, stand-alone, family medical clinic in Fabens. It functions as a result of our partnership with El Paso Health who contracts with the state to manage Medicaid in our region. President and CEO Frank J. Dominguez makes personal visits to doctor’s offices. Dominguez and I believe it is critical to provide customized clinical services, according to the community needs, and to support the way Texas runs Medicaid using the managed care model.

This approach allows plans, such as El Paso Health, the flexibility to develop unique programs. Annually, they organize healthy Thanksgiving dinners and provide back-to-school backpacks loaded with school supplies.

We invest Medicaid funds in the latest technology for screenings and other preventive equipment enabling clinic efficiencies. For example, we have the ability to perform an in-office EKG and confidently assure a mother that her son’s heart is performing well, easing her mind while preventing an unnecessary hospital visit.

Our approach also means working beyond typical office hours. Fabens patients know that they can knock on my door, even after 5 p.m., and I will see them. It means sharing my cell phone number with patients and driving to meet a family in a shopping mall parking lot on a Saturday for a child that needs stitches.

Our specialist partners also open their doors so our patients avoid costly ER and hospital visits.

Today, these investments and modifications have paid off. Our clinic is one of the highest-ranked for meeting critical state standards for preventive health care and pediatric checkups called Texas Health Steps. For my patients, the number of ER visits that could have been prevented, a common measure used by the state and El Paso Health to determine outcomes, is by far the lowest rate in El Paso, and one of the lowest in Texas. Our clinic costs are also some of the lowest in the entire state Medicaid program, making our partnership a win for both patients and taxpayers.

As Texas legislators examine the effectiveness of the family medical clinic in Fabens, we, together with El Paso Health, want them to understand what we know firsthand. Medicaid is working for Texas families. We call on state leadership to continue to support the Medicaid so that clinics like the one in Fabens thrive.

Dr. Ulysses Urquidi operates the only private family medical clinic in Fabens.

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